Ship's of the Sahara

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Ship's of the Sahara

Post by Mr Methodical on Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:12 pm

The Sahara was once a waste land, but with the advent of new technology men where able to build wonderful city's of stone and steel. These City's have stood the test of the sand and sun. And watching over these new city's is the legion.

Once they where known as the the French Foreign Legion. An army of men from all walk's of life, each man had joined for different reasons.
But the legion welcomed them all to come. Over time one did not see your fellow Legionnaire as that foreign chap from Spain or your Caporal as that bloke from Scotland, but as brothers. And like brothers you could count on them.

For many decades they were loyal servants of france. fighting in wars all over the world and generally going where they were told. but when the nation France ordered them to withdraw all forces from the Sahara, beloved ancestral home of the legion, and be absorbed into the main French army for petty political reasons, well, that was to too much even for them.

In a brilliant coup, most of the eleven regiments of the legion rose and establish the Legion of the burning Sands. They then overthrew their French overlords. And with their military prowess soon had conquered the entire Sahara. With their great victory they set up the republic of the Sahara, a place, like in the Legion, any man that was willing and able to join could come and help forge their new nation.

That was twenty years ago and the nation of Sahara has made great strides in personal freedom for it's citizens. But there are those that would like to have the old ways again, and they will wait and bide their time.
always ready for any sign of weakness to to exploit.
you find your self with many other's who are waiting for the gates to open at one of the gate's of New Paris. the guards spot you and the rest of the carvan and single you out of all the rest. "Who goes there state your business".
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